Maca may be the common name for Lepidium meyenii, a plant in the broccoli family. ‘Maca root’ refers back to the root of your plant, which resembles a turnip. Maca is split into categories in line with the shade of the fundamental, 持久液專賣店 can be red, black, pink or yellow. Maca has historically been grown in Peru.

Maca has traditionally been used being an aphrodisiac. It has been used all over the world and affects both genders. It does not get through hormones, and fails to increase testosterone or estrogen. Men supplementing maca are already recognized to experience a rise in sperm production.

Maca also is apparently a potent suppressor of prostate hypertrophy, with potency comparable to finasteride, a synthetic drug for the treatment of enlarged prostates. Preliminary research also suggests 屈臣氏持久液 can protect the brain from damage, improve bone health, and even improve cognitive ability in healthy people.

Since virtually all research on maca arises from Peru, replicated research using their company regions would go a long way toward confirming maca’s effects. Maca exports are crucial to Peru’s economy. Sometimes, 38dexnpky evidence regarding exports can be manipulated, as was the way it is with policosanol. There may be, however, no evidence to suggest tampering with studies on 陰莖增大器.